7 Best Street Food in New York – Must Try!

From the most flavourful Wafels and Dinges aka the Best Street Food in New York to the finest halal by the Halal Guys! We have got you all covered. In the upcoming article, we will go through the best of the best street food in New York.

This list would consist of a whole range of cuisines, for example, Indian, Greek, Ethiopian, Italian, etc. Not only this, we have brought you the best places where you will able to get hands-on experience with these delicacies.

Without any further ado let us jump into the core of our article- 7 Best Street Food in New York – Must Try!

7 Best Street Food in New York

1. Wafels and Dinges

Best Street Food in New York
Best Street Food in New York

Peculiar Features:

  • This of fabulous Belgian and American street food in NYC.
  • Get a basic waffle and then choose from a spectrum of different toppings (dinges).

Reason for its Popularity:

Wafels and Dinges were established back in 2007 and have been serving diners very well since then. They were able to maintain the same taste as well as improve on it throughout these years.

Their food truck keeps on roaming throughout the city and they also have a restaurant too.

Best Restaurants/Outlet/Shop:

  1. Wafels & Dinges trucks
  2. kiosk in Herald Square
  3. Avenue B in Alphabet City, Manhattan

2. Uncle Gussy’s

Uncle Gussy’s

Peculiar Features:

  • Mind-blowing and mouth-watering Greek food is Uncle Gussy’s speciality
  • They serve lip-smacking hot dogs and pretzels.

Reason for its Popularity:

Uncle Gussy’s Has been in service since 1971 on 51st Street Park Avenue. For decades now they have been serving authentic Greek food such as the Kokkinisto, Keftedes, Gemista, and Spanakopita.

Best Restaurants/Outlet/Shop:

  1. 51st Street
  2. Park Avenue, Midtown Manhattan

3. NY Dosas

NY Dosas

Peculiar Features:

  • Serving a wide range of delicious dosas.
  • People wait in a queue to get their hands on this tasty dosa in New York.

Reason for its Popularity:

The man himself Mr. Thiru Kumar was an immigrant to the US who originally came from Sri Lanka. Since then he has tried multiple jobs and finally decided to start an all-vegetarian pushcart.

He was the first person to start New York’s first all-vegan and vegetarian pushcart where he serves fresh and hot dosas with flavourful sambar and chutneys.

Best Restaurants/Outlet/Shop:

  1. Southwest corner of Washington Square Park

4. The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys

Peculiar Features:

  • Their specialty is the chicken and gyro over rice platter.

Reason for its Popularity:

Though they started as a hot dog cart, now they have multiple sit-down restaurants spaced all over the US.

They offer a variety of tasty chicken, beef gyros, and falafel.

Best Restaurants/Outlet/Shop:

  1. 53rd Street
  2. 6th avenue

5. The Kati Roll Company

The Kati Roll Company

Peculiar Features:

  • Hand-made and freshly prepared kati rolls Which is the specialty of Kolkata.
  • They also specialize in handmade wraps.

Reason for its Popularity:

Payal Saha is an Indian entrepreneur who started her journey from Kolkata and was able to establish a successful career in US.

This venture was launched in the year 2000 and had around five outlets in Manhattan itself. They also have an outlet in London too.

Best Restaurants/Outlet/Shop:

  1. Greenwich Village
  2. Midtown East

6. Los Tacos No. 1

Los Tacos No. 1

Peculiar Features:

  • They serve true Mexican culture and flavourful dishes.
  • You will find some of the best tacos, quesadillas, and tostadas at Los tacos no. 1.

Reason for its Popularity:

Los tacos no. 1 was started by a trio of friends—one from Mexico, and two from California.

Best Restaurants/Outlet/Shop:

  1. Chelsea Market
  2. Times Square

7. Masala Times

Masala Times

Peculiar Features:

  • Unda Bhurji Pav has been their best seller.
  • People also loves the Chicken Tikka Box Meal.

Reason for its Popularity:

Masala Times have been serving best street food of India for years. Moreover the pricing is reasonable and the staff is very helpful.

Here you will find authentic street food in India that you can enjoy with your friends or families.

Best Restaurants/Outlet/Shop:

  1. 194 Bleecker St Frnt 2, New York City
  2. Greenwich Village

So this was the end of the article- 7 Best Street Food in New York – Must Try! I hope you liked it, if so, kindly read our other articles too-

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