7 Best Biryani in Chennai in 2024! Must Try!

7 Best Biryani in Chennai ranges from spicy to sweet, from expensive, to budget-friendly from roadside to 5-star hotel! Chennai previously known as Madras is home to numerous indigenous spices. This may be the reason for its extraordinary culinary variations.

Nevertheless, in the upcoming article, we’ll go through the streets of Chennai, in search of the best biryani. So stay tuned till the end of the article to know the 7 Best Biryani in Chennai in 2024!

7 Best Biryani in Chennai in 2024

1. Charminar Biryani

Best Biryani in Chennai
Best Biryani in Chennai

Address: Near, 92 232, Dr Besant Rd, Mirsahibpet, Royapettah, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600014



  • The heavenly taste that Charminar biryani offers at a price of just 1 dollar is shocking.
  • It is one of the oldest biryani in Chennai and has been serving for multiple decades.
  • Here Lies the beauty, the taste has always been the same throughout these years.

2. Sukkubhai Biryani

Sukkubhai Biryani

Address: Opp. Central Bank Of India, Asharkana Street, Alandur, Chennai



  • Sukkubai biryani serves one of the best beef biryani out there.
  • Experience the godly mixture of taste, presentation, and thought.

3. K.G.N. Aarifa Biryani Centre

K.G.N. Aarifa Biryani Centre

Address: K.G.N. Aarifa Biryani, Pulianthope and Pattinapakkam, For orders, call 9840079923



  • K.G.N. Aarifa Biryani Centre Is one of the most popular biryani hubs for locals in Chennai.
  • They attract a huge crowd throughout the day. Moreover, they start to sell those flavorful biryanis right from 8 in the morning.
  • Their biryani contains less oil and more love, making it a perfect dining option.

4. Yaa Mohaideen Biryani

Yaa Mohaideen Biryani

Address: Yaa Mohaideen Biryani Address: No: 4/15B, Church Road, Opp to Uzhavar Sandhai, C.Pallavaram, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043



  • Yaa Mohaideen Biryani Offers a variety of Chettinad biryanis with distinct spices.
  • Their motto is Value for Money, and they prove it every day through their service.
  • They provide chicken as well as mutton biryani at a very reasonable price.
  • Go at any time of the day to this place, you will always find a 30-minute-long queue waiting for the biryanis.

5. SS Hyderabad Biryani

SS Hyderabad Biryani

Address: No: 109, Valluvar Kottam High Rd, Ponnangipuram, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034

Price: ₹₹


  • SS Hyderabad Biryani is Famous for its flavorful biryanis, especially the chicken and mutton varieties.
  • Its founder Abdul Samad was just 18 years old when he started a small street side Shop back in 2004.
  • His journey has been a very inspiring and emotional one.
  • They also serve one of the best chicken 65 in Chennai. It is a must-try Biriyani in Chennai.

6. Palmshore Restaurant, Ramapuram

Palmshore Restaurant, Ramapuram

Address: 8, Mount Poonamallee Rd, Park Dugar, Ramapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600089

Price: ₹₹₹


  • A local favorite with a wide range of biryani options.
  • They serve perfectly marinated to the core mutton biryani.
  • The aroma of the spices, coriander, and numerous different herbs make it a wonderful dish.

7. Dindigul Thalappakatti Biriyani

Dindigul Thalappakatti Biriyani

Address: 142, Ground Floor, Uthamar Gandhi Rd, Thousand Lights West, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600012

Price: ₹₹


  • They have multiple sit-down restaurants throughout Chennai, as in Ramapuram too!
  • They are known for their unique biryani recipes and flavorful preparations.
  • They serve some of the best boneless mutton biryani and chicken biryani as well.
  • Biryani in a bucket is a must-try item on the menu.

So this was the end of the article- 7 Best Biryani in Chennai in 2024! Must Try! I hope you liked it, if so, kindly read our other articles too-

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